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Everyone’s skin naturally loses its structure with age, resulting in wrinkles and folds that give you an older appearance. If you feel that you aren’t aging gracefully, Rose Guzman, MD, and her team at Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser in Kahului, Hawaii, can tighten your skin with Pellevé®, an innovative radiofrequency treatment that alleviates wrinkles and laxity without surgery or injections. To align your outward appearance with your inner young self, call Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser or book your consultation online for skin tightening with Pellevé today.

Skin Tightening with Pelleve Q & A

What is skin tightening with Pellevé?

Skin tightening with Pellevé® is a nonsurgical wrinkle- and laxity-reducing treatment option. You can get several Pellevé skin tightening treatment sessions to reduce moderate to severe:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines
  • Frown lines
  • Lip lines
  • Eye bags
  • Jowls

Overall, you’ll enjoy a younger appearance no matter what type of skin you have. Most patients notice some results after just one treatment with continued improvements up to six months after their initial treatment.

How does skin tightening with Pellevé work?

The Pellevé device delivers gentle radiofrequency energy to the deep tissue layers of your skin. The warming effect caused by the radiofrequency energy prompts your skin to produce collagen, an essential protein that gives your skin structure and tightness.

Your skin loses collagen over time, resulting in wrinkles and laxity that make you look older. Pellevé makes up for this collagen loss.

Because Pellevé stimulates your body’s own production of the protein, your results improve for several months after your treatment as your skin continues to rebuild. This process can be accelerated with a series of treatments, as dictated by Dr. Guzman.

After each session at Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser, you’re free to go about your day as usual without any recovery time, although you might notice some slight redness in the treated area.

Am I a good candidate for skin tightening with Pellevé?

Pellevé allows many patients who are ineligible for surgery dramatic skin tightening with similar results. Despite its safety, Pellevé isn’t the best option for everyone.

Dr. Guzman thoroughly evaluates your medical history, goals, and your skin. She may decide that you can proceed with skin tightening treatment if you:

  • Dislike your wrinkles
  • Don’t want or can’t have cosmetic surgery
  • Have realistic expectations for the treatment

As with any potential treatment, you must be thorough and transparent during your consultation. If Pellevé isn’t appropriate for your condition, Dr. Guzman helps you explore other options.

To book your consultation for skin tightening with Pellevé at Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser, simply call the clinic or use the convenient and discreet online booking tool today.

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