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Tattoos are a trendy way to express yourself and to display your interests. If you have a tattoo that didn’t withstand the test of time or didn’t live up to your expectations in the first place, Rose Guzman, MD, and her team at Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser in Kahului, Hawaii, can help you remove it. While tattoos are marketed as being permanent, you have options when it comes to clearing your skin for a blank canvas. To begin your tattoo removal, call Maui Medi-Spa or book your appointment online today.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How does tattoo removal work?

At Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser, Dr. Guzman uses a technology called PicoSure® to remove the color from a tattoo that you no longer want. PicoSure is a specialized laser that emits pulses of light and penetrates the layers of your skin. With each light pulse, your tattoo’s pigment breaks apart into tiny particles that your body easily absorbs.

In working alongside your body’s natural processes, PicoSure allows complete or near-complete removal of a tattoo quickly and with few treatments for most patients. It works well on:

  • Multicolored tattoos
  • Dark black ink
  • Tattoos that have already undergone removal attempts

The PicoSure device works on all skin types and treats tattoos of any size. Dr. Guzman evaluates your tattoo to give you an idea of how long your treatment will take.

How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

Generally, tattoos take several sessions to achieve optimal reduction or full removal with PicoSure. When determining how many treatments you’ll need, Dr. Guzman looks at these variables:

  • Tattoo size
  • Ink type
  • Ink depth
  • Location
  • Your lifestyle

Most patients see a significant reduction in their ink in just two to three sessions, but each patient responds differently and there is no way to predict the exact amount of sessions you’ll need.

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Tattoo removal has a reputation for being excruciatingly painful, even to the point of being intolerable. With PicoSure, this isn’t the case. While it isn’t necessarily a comfortable treatment, Dr. Guzman starts the procedure by numbing your skin with a cream.

Many patients agree that PicoSure tattoo removal feels similar to getting a new tattoo. If you tolerated getting ink in the first place, chances are you’ll tolerate the removal process well.

Am I a good candidate for tattoo removal?

To be sure that tattoo removal is safe for you, Dr. Guzman asks you several questions about your health and lifestyle during your consultation. You are a candidate to have your tattoo removed if you:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Are in generally good health
  • Understand the limitations of tattoo removal procedures

While you may have heard of some methods of home tattoo removal, they’re usually ineffective and risky. The safest and most effective way to remove a tattoo is with the help of a physician.

Call Maui Medi-Spa and Cosmetic Laser or book your appointment online for a tattoo removal assessment today.

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